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Christophe Brunel, a free spirit

Christophe BrunelChristophe Brunel has never been one to accept limitation.  He has packed more into his 33 years than most do in a lifetime.

Following a classical training as a chef, he worked first as a bellboy in the French parliament building of the Elysée.  Refusing to give up his ambitions, he packed his bag and set off to see the world for six years, travelling from London to Spain, to Guadaloupe, to Saint Martin, to Canada and Los Angeles, all the while soaking up new experiences.  In 2003, he decided that it was time to return to his roots.

Far from settling down to a quiet life, once home Christophe let his passion for decoration and interior decorating run wild, taking on the project of renovating his family hotel.  He dreamt up the 9 themed bedrooms, touring France to find inspiration, looking for just the right piece of furniture, the perfect finishing touch.  Always on the go, bursting with ideas, Christophe is never without a new and exciting project...

Hôtel Brunel Le Rocher Blanc

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